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This Book is designed for those who love to work.
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Those whose identity and self-concept is closely tied to their job and performance. Conscientious hard working people who give 150% and never learned when enough was enough.

Ask yourself if you have ever:
1.Pushed yourself so hard you were laid up for a couple of days.
2.Bulldozed over obstacles in order to complete a task.
3.Criticized or bullied yourself into working harder and longer.
4.Couldn't say no to someone when asked to do something beyond your limits.
5.Fought your pain only to find yourself more depressed and angry.
6.Felt you were losing your mind not being able to remember, concentrate or make decisions you once did.
7.Felt like a burden to your family, like a failure as a parent or spouse.

If this is you, this book is for you.
You can enjoy life again!

Copyright 2013 - Gene A. Hawkins, Ph.D.

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