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Streams and BalloonsHear Sample
Using guided imagery, you enter a beautiful valley where you find a
special basket to hold your pain and worries. Your pain, stress and
worries are carried far away by a joyful balloon.
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Mother Ocean Hear Sample
Enter a safe place and allow Mother Ocean to rock you to sleep as you calm
your busy mind by entrusting unneccasry thoughts to Mother Ocean.
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Relaxation Hear Sample
Relax and reach down to the wellspring of life, feel the vibrant joy and
vitality within you. Visualization techniquies set to soothing music that
reduces pain and calms mind and body.
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Depression Hear Sample
Happiness is not about where you find yourself, but what you think and believe
about where you are. Choose to bainsh your depression by removing all of the
sad and mad thoughts from your mind with these visualization techniques set
to soothing music.
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Warm Hands Hear Sample
Learn visualization techniques to soothe away your headaches and migraines as
you still your mind, relax your body and warm your hands until they are filled
with a healing golden glow.
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Mind's Eye Hear Sample
Learn to love and heal your hurt parts that are without voice. Healing music
and visualization techniques help your mind to focus and effectively tell
your brain what you want it to do. Reduce pain.
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Mountain Cabin Hear Sample
Retreat to a mountain cabin in your mind, meander down a path through a growth
of trees laced with a fresh snowfall and leave your pain and depression in the
snowbanks along the path. Reach within yourself to calm your feelings and
return to the warmth of the cabin healed.
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Pain Shrink Hear Sample
Float with the cloud through space and time to safe places beside a healing
ocean where your pain shrinks away before your eyes.
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Safe Places Hear Sample
Retreat to a safe place in your mind and utilize guided imagery and music
for pain management and stress relief. Everything you want and need is in this
special place. Allow the nurturing beauty of this place to heal your pain.
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Letting Go Hear Sample
Reduce your pain and worry as you become still and quiet, letting go of daily
tensions and worry. Follow a winding staircase down to a place of deep relaxation
where you can learn stress and pain management techniquies to get on with
leading a life filled with joy.
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Pain Levers Hear Sample
Follow a spiritual staircase to find your special room where within you can
recognize what is essential and what is not. Identify where your chronic pain
arises and release the levers of your pain. Learn techniques to reduce chronic
pain and live a happier life.
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