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Free DVD's you can view online!!  These informative lessons will help
you to learn and understand what chronic pain is,
and how it can affect you entire life.  These lessons are free!!


DVD 1: Pain Myths Click Here
*How to get the most out of the program
*Is pain really in your head
*The difference between addiction and treatment dependence
*Signs of addiction
*Increased pain doesn't mean stop or additional injury
* * * * *
DVD 2: Pain Neurophysiology Click Here
*How to use your own nervous system to reduce pain
* * * * *
DVD 3: The Chronic Pain Patient Click Here
*Why patients feel so lost, angry and at times tearful
*Why pain patients have trouble saying "No" and feel used
*The forgotten rights of pain patients
*When enough is enough
* * * * *
DVD 4: Pain Crisis Click Here
*Strategies to reduce pain, confusion and panic when in a pain crisis
*What causes pain crisis
*Helpful things to do or say to yourself to minimize a painful episode
* * * * *
DVD 5: Roadblocks I Click Here
*How our thoughts can make us crazy and which ones to avoid
*How to get rid of negative, irrational thoughts which promote pain and suffering
*How to change worries into realistic and attainable goals
* * * * *
DVD 6: Roadblocks II Click Here
*How our thoughts promote feelings of depression, anger and disability
*How thoughts stop self-protection and justification
*How to refute negative thinking to affirm your worth or skill
* * * * *
DVD 7: Loving The Hurt Part Click Here
*How to nurture and heal your hurting parts
*How to increase your stamina and finish tasks without significant pain
*How to develop a realistic belief in your effectiveness and utility
*How to quit fighting self and enjoy life again
* * * * *
DVD 8: Relaxation and Visualize Click Here
*How to relax in 8 seconds, calming a cluttered mind and a tense body
*How to inventory thoughts and bodily sensations daily to reduce emotional and physical pain
*How to create a direct connection to the pain reducing access of the brain
*How to calm a runaway mind
* * * * *
DVD 9: Concepts and Visualization Click Here
*How to prepare the body and mind to more accurately and efficiently
__receive powerful pain reducing messages
* * * * *
DVD 10: Stress Response Click Here
*How to evaluate your own level of stress
*How to reduce digestive problems, muscle tightness, and weakness,
__swelling and infections
*How to predict your chances of a major illness in 2 years
* * * * *
DVD 11: Facts and Feelings Click Here
*How to stay calm and clear headed when other misunderstand, doubt or question you
*How to reduce depression and enjoy life in spite of persistent pain
*How to understand suicidal thoughts
*How to manage anger in order to:
__a) be taken seriously
__b) communicate clearly
__c) decrease others defensiveness and/or anger
* * * * *
DVD 12: Quality of Life Click Here
*How to enjoy life again in spite of your circumstances
*How to rediscover your physical and emotional competency
*How to keep pain from being the centerpieces of your life
* * * * *
DVD 13: Family Click Here
*How to manage self in order to:
__a) promote family life
__b) decrease misunderstanding, doubts, and questions about your validity,
____treatment and/or medication
*How to be a good parent or grandparent in spite of physical limitations
*Howto maintain a good marital relationship in spite of discomfort and limitation
* * * * *
DVD 14: Sleep Click Here
*How to reset your painful body and mind for better sleep
* * * * *